About Enforzio

About Enforzio

The smartest Enforcement Platform that brings maximum Efficiency and Reliability to your operations. Enforzio streamlines the enforcement process from ground up.

Main Features

Return On Investment (ROI)

Cover 50% more ground per hour per person

Reduce human error in issuing violation tickets by 15%

Decrease the training time for your new recruits by 90%

Eliminate time costly Parking Lot visit report from your personnel

Feel free to pick the cheapest vendor for your next Lot


Total Vehicles Scanned


Total Vehicles In Violation


Active Enforcers


  • "With the introduction of the Enforzio app, the team at Parkizio brought to reality an idea that most working in the field of parking enforcement could only dream of. The experience of field testing the app during its introduction, as well as Parkizio’s openness to suggestions on making the app and user interface even better, were truly a pleasure. Their dedication to providing the best app possible, in addition to resolving occasional technical difficulties within minutes, is something very special in today’s world. We now terrify our new recruits with tales of how we had to do things “in the old days”, because Enforzio, like the internet or smartphones, has become something we can’t imagine being without. With new improvements coming all the time, I’m very excited to see where the team at Parkizio takes us next!"

    Shaun Lees (Operations Coordinator) - Fusion Security


We take pride in the quality of our work and the services we provide. So we are not a fan of locking our clients in for the longest contracts. That is why starting with us is FREE and you only pay for what you use.

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